LED Light

The standard internal LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes) gives the Spa a special soothing atmosphere in the evening.

The entrance and exit are also safely lit when you enter your Spa in the dark.

Light: Specifications

The 6 colour central LED light is standard on all 4SeasonsSpas to increase the visual sensation. The LED lighting enables you to change the mood of the Spa for optimal chromo-therapy by selecting different colours, from magentas to blues, and reds to greens. You can also select the lighting system to gradually merge from one colour to the next.

Chromo-therapy or colour theraphy balances our emotional needs.

Colour and light are used to balance the personal energy wherever a person's body is lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

You can choose to expand this LED lighting system for extra atmosphere and more effective chromo-therapy with small LED lighting points surrounding the Spa at and below the water level.


All 4SeasonsSpa models are standard equipped with a high-performance filter system that keeps the water clean.

For optimal filtration a silent extra circulation pump can be ordered on certain Spa models.


4SeasonsSpa applies a Corona Discharge Ozonator (CD03) to reduce the maintenance of your Spa and improve the water quality. Being the only manufacturer that underlines the importance of having an ozonator we apply this on all our models as standard.


The cover that comes standard with each Spa ensures optimal retention of the heat of the water in your Spa and also ensures no leaves or other debris falls in the Spa.

When you choose a Grey wash finish for the cabinet, the cover will be in matching grey. With the natural red cedar color a brown cover is provided.

The thickness and density of the insulating material used are two primary considerations that have been taken into account to ensure the highest insulating value



Each set of steps is hand crafted and stained according to the exact colour of your Spa. The natural properties of cedar make sure that the steps are not slippery and the robust construction make the steps extra stable.


The high-fidelity sound system provides an extra dimension to your 4SeasonsSpa experience. You can listen to the radio; play CDs or MP3 tracks in your Spa, using the watertight wireless remote control to operate the system.